New Titles 5/27/2023

Adult Titles
Posted on 05/27/2023
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I Sing the Salmon Homecover of I Sing the Salmon Home
edited by Rena Priest

Available as: print book

Washington State Poet Laureate and Lummi tribal member Rena Priest has edited a collection of intergenerational poetry honoring the salmon. More than 150 Washington poets contributed to this anthology ranging from first graders to tribal elders. This is a love song and honoring of the epic journey that salmon take and their integral role in PNW culture, history, diet and energy.

cover of MicrojoysMicrojoys
by Cyndie Spiegel

Available as: print book

Cyndie Spiegel experiences an unprecedented year of tremendous grief, stress and anguish during Covid lockdown. This experience had her shift her expectations for joy from the macro to the micro.  Rather than wait for life to get easy, she began a mindfulness practice of pausing each day to let in small microjoys and then claiming them.  These fleeting  moments of hope, invite a pivot and while a microjoy can’t change the experience of daily hardship, we can be buoyed by acknowledging them and allowing moments of joy.


Super Shortcut Instant Pot: The Ultimate Time-Saving Step-by Step Cookbookcover of Super Shortcut Instant Pot
By Jeffrey Eisner

Available as: print book

These step-by-step cookbooks have easy to follow instructions with photos that really break down each recipe and make it accessible to first time to advanced instant pot users.  Jeffrey Eisner has a series of step-by-step cookbooks. The recipes span the world and some utilize branded sauces that simplify the recipe process further.  If you aren’t already using an Instant Pot, these books are great place to start.