New Titles 5/6/2023

Youth Titles
Posted on 05/06/2023
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Sky Wolf’s Call: The Gift of Indigenous Knowledgecover of Sky Wolf's Call: The Gift of Indigenous Knowledge
by Eldon Yellowhorn and Kathy Lowinger

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Learn about different ways of knowing and knowledge in this non-fiction book by award winning team Eldon Yellowhorn and Kathy Lowinger as they reveal how Indigenous knowledge comes from centuries of practices, experiences, and ideas gathered by people who have a long history with the natural world. Indigenous knowledge is explored and passed down generation to generation through the use of fire and water, the acquisition of food, the study of astronomy, and healing practices.


cover of The Wolf SuitThe Wolf Suit
by Sid Sharp

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Bellwether is unfortunately out of blackberries. Rather than tiptoe through a forest full of terrifying predators, Bellwether decides to sew himself a wolf suit. Wearing his new wolf suit he can blend in and keep himself safe. The disguise works perfectly but Bellwether soon realizes that hiding who he truly is may not be the way he wants to live.  This award-winning hilarious and touching graphic novel debut about the pressures of conformity and conquering fear by finding community is the perfect contemporary folktale to press into the hands of anyone who has felt they need to pretend to be someone else.


We are Wolvescover of We Are Wolves
by Katrina Nannestad

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This middle grade novel follows three Wolfskinder, German children left to fend for themselves in the final days of World War II, as they struggle to hold onto themselves and each other while surviving in the wild. Liesl, Otto and baby Mia have lost both of their parents after only a few days on the run. Responsible older sister Liesl has promised her mother she would keep her younger siblings safe.  Little do they know that there are hundreds of other parentless children doing the very same thing. And they far too quickly learn that, sometimes, to survive, you have to do bad things. Dangerous things. Wild things. Sometimes you must become a wolf.