New Titles 7/9/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 07/09/2022
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Simon B. Rhymin’ Takes a Standcover of Simon B. Rhymin' Takes a Stand
by Dwayne Reed

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Eleven-year-old Simon and his friends are determined to improve the resources and funding in their Elementary School. When extracurricular programs are about to be cut, the crew is determined to save them. Simon and his friends start a petition to grab the attention of the local community and show they deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. When the petition reaches the school board, can Simon face his fears, and use his rhymes to make a difference in his school?


cover of It's The End of the World and I'm Wearing My Bathing SuitIt’s the End of the World and I’m in My Bathing Suit
by Justin A. Reynolds

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Eddie is stuck at home grounded, and doing laundry on the day of the highly anticipated Beach Bash when the power suddenly goes out. Eddie sets out into his neighborhood to investigate but finds all the homes empty except for a few other neighborhood kids. The kids quickly realize that their families aren’t coming home any time soon, and as night falls the kids come to the startling realization that they might not just be the only kids left in the neighborhood…they might be the only kids left anywhere!


Playing the Cards You’re Dealtcover of Playing the Cards You're Dealt
by Varian Johnson

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Anthony Joplin is training for a local spades tournament that every Joplin man before him has won. Anthony’s dreams of victory are thrown into jeopardy when his best friend and spades partner is grounded. Anthony finds a new partner in an unexpected place, Shirley, the new girl in his class, who talks a lot of trash but knows every card trick in the book. Family secrets will be uncovered when Anthony and Shirley decide to go behind his father’s back to join the tournament in secret, check out this juvenile fiction book to find out what happens!