New Titles 8/26/2023

Youth Titles
Posted on 08/26/2023
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Just Like Grandmacover of Just Like Grandma
by Kim Rogers

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Becca loves spending time with her Grandma! Grandma knows how to do all the fun things and is happy to teach Becca any time she says “Let me try.” Together they make beaded moccasins, dance like beautiful butterflies, and play basketball! Becca hopes that she grows up to be just like her grandma as they share their favorite activities together and learn new and surprising things about one another.


cover of Abuela's Super CapaAbuela’s Super Capa
by Ana Siqueira

Available as: Print Book

Saturdays are superhero days for Luis and his abuela, equipped with their capas this dynamic duo can turn anything into an adventure. But when Abuela gets sick, Luis has to learn a new way to be a hero. With help from his family, Luis learns that change isn’t all bad and there are many new adventures to have, even if they’re a little different than they were before. This picture book is for families experiencing sickness and loss, and can help young children find the language to express their feelings and adjust to change. 


I Love My Glam-MAcover of I Love My Glam-Ma
by Samantha Berger

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This picture book celebrates Grandma’s who are young at heart, adventurous, and add a bit of glamour to everything they do. Tag along with Glam-MA and her grandchildren as they make sandcastles, build blanket forts and embrace each day with a playful spirit. From the writer of Crankenstein and the illustrator of Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes comes a playful and heartwarming ode to grandmas and grandchildren everywhere.