New Titles 8/6/2022

Youth Titles
Posted on 08/06/2022
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PAWS. Gabby Gets it Togethercover of PAWS: Gabby Gets it Together
by Nathan Fairbairn

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Gabby, Priya, and Mindy are all best friends despite their unique differences. Yet they all share a love of animals, and are sad that none of them can actually get a pet. Unable to go any longer without animals regularly in their lives, the friends decide to found PAWS, an after-school dog walking business. But it turns out that running a business is harder than it looks, especially since each of the co-owners has a different idea about the best way to run the business. Soon, the three friends are arguing non-stop, but when their fighting leads to a doggy emergency, can they get it together in time to save the day?


cover of Doggo and Pupper Save the WorldDoggo and Pupper Save the World
by Katherine Applegate

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Doggo likes routine: napping, eating…more napping…Life is good! Life is good for Pupper as well, even though he worries about a lot of things, like giant squirrels. Pupper wishes he were braver, if he were, maybe he could be a hero and even fly! When Pupper and Doggo meet a baby bird who is facing a big problem, they are determined to help. Doggo and Pupper may not be able to fly, but they are very good helpers! They may even be heroes!




Being a Dog: a Tail of Mindfulnesscover of Being a Dog: A Tail of Mindfulness
by Maria Gianferrari

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Read along as a child and their dog experience the day to its fullest. From waking up to going to bed readers will bark, wag and sniff along with gentle cues in the book. This picture book featuring cute, collage-like illustrations also provides a guided breathing exercise and an idea for a mindfulness walk that engages all five senses.