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Posted on 09/24/2022
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The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward

by Daniel H. Pink

Available formats: print, eBook, eAudio

From the bestselling author of such books as A Whole New Mind and When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing comes a book about the transformative power of regret. In The Power of Regret, Pink uses science and true stories to explain how understanding regret can help us make smarter decisions, perform better, and bring meaning to our lives. Clear, accessible, and pragmatic, The Power of Regret will show you how to reimagine regret as a positive force.


cover of Daughter of the Moon Goddess

 Daughter of the Moon Goddess

by Sue L

ynn Tan

available formats: print, eAudio

Inspired by the legend of Chang’e, Chinese goddess of the 

Moon, Sue Lynn Tan weaves together mytholog

y and fantastical stories of immortals and magic to illustrate how far one woman will go for the sake of family. Xingyin grows up on the moon, unaware that her mother is keeping her existence a secret from the feared Celestial Emperor. When Xingyin is discovered, she is forced to flee and leave her mother behind. To save them both, she must confront legendary creatures and enemies across the earth and skies, and ultimately the Celestial Emperor himself.


The Next Ship Home: A Novel of Ellis Islandcover of The Next Ship Home
by Heather Webb

available formats: print

Inspired by true events, The Next Ship Home tells the story of two women band together to make true the promise of America being “the land of the free”. On Ellis Island, in 1902, Francesca arrives fresh from Italy, seeking a better life in America, and Alma, an American, arrives to her first day of work at the immigration processing center. But America is not the place it has promised to be. As Francesca fights to make it off the island and Alma to become a translator, they form an unlikely friendship. This thoughtful historical fiction tells us of America's history of prejudice and exclusion, when newcomers were promised better lives but often received something quite different.