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Posted on 09/02/2023
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The Last Lookout on Dunn Peak: Fire Spot

cover of The Last Lookout on Dunn Peak

ting in Idaho’s St. Joe National Forest
By Nancy Sule-Hammond

Available as: print book

Nancy Sule Hammond reflects on the first summer spent fire spotting at Dunn Peak in Idaho’s St. Joe National forest.  During the summers of 1972 and 1973, Nancy and her high school sweetheart Don Hammond were newly married and the idyllic panoramas, moments of adrenaline adventures in the natural world, storm watching and solitude were pivotal in their life going forward. Thirty-seven years later, they volunteer again and Nancy chronicles her past and present experiences woven with stories, photos and a bird’s eye view of the landscape under their watch.


over of Houses That Can Save the WorldHouses That Can Save the World
By Courtenay Smith & Sean Topham

Available as: print book

Whether you are researching your next build or love armchair traveling with a stunning green design coffee table book, this book will  have you inspired and reimagining space.  Featuring 19 home-building strategies for minimizing impact, waste and actually creating systems that make our homes and the world around us a better place to exist. An architectural design revolution packed into a book highlighting the ways architects, artists, self-builders, engineers and designers around the world are considering the climate crisis in their current and future builds.


Notes on Her Colorcover of Notes on Her Color
By Jennifer Neal

Available as: print book

Gabrielle has been raised on stories of the women from her maternal ancestral lineage by her mother Tallulah, women who like chameleons, can change the color of their skin.  Gabrielle, like her mother, have inherited this ability.  Being able to pass from one color to another comes with a long list of rules and responsibility that bind mother to daughter in a complicated way.  When Tallulah is hospitalized for a mental health crisis, it is Gabrielle’s first time to be on her own and it comes at great risk and pleasure.  An encounter with a new piano instructor, Gabrielle is an accomplish pianist, shifts the trajectory of Gabrielle’s life and understanding of love and sense of self beyond the color-coded upbringing of her home.