New Titles 9/9/2023

Youth Titles
Posted on 09/09/2023
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Behold the Octopus!cover of Behold the Octopus!
By Suzanne Slade

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This non-fiction book is perfect for young octopus enthusiasts and aspiring marine biologists alike! Plunge into an undersea exploration to learn all about this remarkable animal. Featuring sparse, lyrical text readers will learn countless fascinating features about the octopus such as lights that some use to attract prey, legs that walk on land and the ability to change color and shape to not only match their surroundings, but even masquerade as other animals!


cover of Galapagos: Island of ChangeGalápagos: Islands of Change
by Leslie Buliom

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Young readers can receive a poetic introduction to the Galápagos Islands in this new non-fiction book. Read the complex story of this famous archipelago, from a young volcanic ecosystem influenced by seasonal ocean currents, where food energy moves through integrated land and sea communities, to the chain of islands full of diverse species we know today.


The Book of Turtlescover of The Book of Turtles
by Sy Montgomery

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Turtles get a turn in the spotlight in this non-fiction book about our favorite unhurried, ancient, shelled reptiles. There are turtles with soft shells, turtles with googly eyes, turtles with necks longer than their bodies, and turtles whose shells glow in the dark! Did you know there’s a 90-year-old sea turtle named Myrtle and she has her own Facebook account with over 7,000 followers? You’ll find out all these facts and more in this fun and informative read for young readers.