New Titles for 7/2/2022

Adult Titles
Posted on 07/02/2022
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Left on Tenth: A Second Chance at Lifecover of Left on Tenth: A Second Chance at Life
by Delia Ephron

Available as: print book

Delia Ephron, writer of romantic comedies, finds her life shifting gears into grief upon the death of her sister and husband to cancer. Facing her anguish, the way she lived her life, Ephron turned to writing.  One New York Times op-ed leads to a late in life love story, interrupted by her own leukemia diagnosis.  Delia Ephron’s memoir is raw and seesaws between laughter, tears and is both a love story and that of facing grief and death again and again.

cover of Lucie Yi Is Not a RomanticLucie Yi Is Not a Romantic
by Lauren Ho

Available as: print book

Lucie Yi yearns to find Mr. Right and procreate.  A wildly successful and ambitious career driven personality leads her to take matters into her own hands and a creative detour onto a co-parenting website.  Lucie takes a leap of faith upon being matched with Collin Reed who checks all of her boxes.  Pregnancy follows and a trip to Singapore brings them face to face with Lucie’s family and past loves ultimately requiring her to navigate family and her own joy.

cover of Translating Myself & OthersTranslating Myself & Others
by Jhumpa Lahiri

Available as: print book

Jhumpa Lahiri learned Italian as an adult, following notoriety as a writer of fiction, she turned towards non-fiction to explore language, research and the art of the essay.  This collection of candid, disarming and deeply personal essays bring us into the room with her as she reflects on her chosen identity as a translator and writer in two languages.  Drawing on ancient texts, Lahiri explores the distinction that exists between writing one’s own words and translating.  A meditation in both a linguistic and personal metamorphosis.