Recommended Titles for the Week of December 21st

Recommended Titles for this Week
Posted on 12/21/2019
Cover of 3 recommended titles.

The Presidents: Portraits of History
By Leah Tinari

Fine artist Leah Tinari’s portraits, and the accompanying facts, paint a powerful and provocative picture of the United States presidents, bringing to light the idea that before these forty-four men were elect to the highest office in the land, they experienced rich and varied lives. Meet wrestlers, revolutionaries, writers, and radio stars as Tinari brings bold colors to our presidents and our remarkable US History.

The Three Little Pugs and the Big, Bad Cat
By Becky Davies

The three little pugs named Bubbles, Bandit, and Beauty live with their mother in a kennel in the woods. One day, Mother Pug tells them its time for them to set out on their own. She gives them each a backpack full of snacks and warns them to watch out for the Big, Bad Cat. The three little pugs set out, each with a plan to build the perfect house. But will they be able to steer clear of the Big, Bad Cat?

City of Beasts
By Corrie Wang

For seventeen years, fees have lived separate from beasts. The division of sexes has kept their world peaceful. Glori has to question everything she's been taught when a desperate rescue mission brings her to a strange city where she encounters men for the first time.