New Titles 9/16/2023

Adult Titles
Posted on 09/16/2023
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George: A Magpie Memoircover of George: A Magpie Memoir
By Frieda Hughes

Available as: print book

Life changing pivots can come in unexpected parcels and moments, for poet Frieda Hughes it was a fragile fledgling magpie’s arrival.  Hughes is the daughter of literary-icons Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes and after a childhood spent being uprooted, constantly moving and attending 13 different schools, she yearns for a final and forever home.  The book draws from journal entries between 2007-2009 and weaves together a sense of place, gardening, bird companionship, loss and memory.  Written with humor and added insight from a distance of many years.


cover of A Wing and A PrayerA Wing and a Prayer: The Race to Save Our Vanishing Birds
By Anders and Beverly Gyllenhaal

Available as: print book

Part travel memoir, call to action and thoroughly researched scientific writing on the urgent race to save the birds. As one scientist they spoke with noted, “If we can save birds, we can save ourselves.” Veteran journalists Anders and Beverly Gyllenhaal logged over 25k miles to research and report on the current status and threats to the avian species.  Navigating the impact of politics, global warming, habitat, conservation and education, they offer thoughtful and vital coverage of an urgent issue that isn’t just for the birds


How to Work with (almost) Anyonecover of How to Work With Almost Anyone
By Michael Bungay Stanier

Available as: print book

Improve and strengthen any working relationship whether home, work or in an organization. Five keystone questions create the framework for pivotal conversations that will provide actionable and tactical strategies.  A concise and accessible book that is user friendly and aims to improve the quality of your workplace relationships with quantifiable results.