Parks & Green Spaces

Pullman's Parks & Green-spaces

Our beautiful city has a number of green-spaces and parks for the public to enjoy and utilize for a variety of recreational uses throughout the year. These spaces do not have a designated shelter that can be reserved, but none-the-less they can be used and enjoyed for a leisurely walk with nature, picnics, walking the dog and even provide great photography backdrops.  The possibilities are endless and our department strives to make each park and green-space an experience to remember for our community.

Kruegel Park

 Photo of Kruegel Park shelter going up

The shelter is available for reservations!

705 SE Dilke St (7.95 acres) Originally donated to the city in 1903 by William C. Kruegel, the park has a lovely grove of shade trees that border the spacious picnic shelter and BBQ area. Overlooking one tennis court and two Pickleball courts is an expansive playground which includes swings, slides, and climbing equipment. A small football field, little league baseball diamond, soccer field, volleyball standards and restrooms complete the facilities available at this lovely park. 

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Lawson Gardens

Photo of cement bench at Lawson GardenPicture_of_Lawson_Gardens_Fall

705 SE Derby St (13 acres) In 1985 Gerald Lawson, a local farmer, donated the land and development funds for this beautiful formal garden complex. The garden was dedicated in 1987 to the memory of his first wife, Alice. Oriented around a large reflecting pool and gazebo, seasonal plantings of colorful annuals accent the walkways and grassy area. In 1990 the Pullman Rotary Club donated funds for development of a circular rose garden which was planted in 1991-92 with 600 assorted rose bushes. The Perennial Garden was planted along the east side of the garden in 1991 and provides unique and colorful displays year round.

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McGee Park

 Picture of McGhee Park shelter

1220 NE Lybecker St (3.04 acres) Land for this park near W.S.U. was acquired in 1964. McGee park has a softball diamond and fenced basketball court for youth. The basketball court was donated by a Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ryan in 1980 to be enjoyed by the youth of the community. A large picnic shelter and BBQs are situated near the children’s playground and restroom facilities.

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Reaney Park/Reaney Park Pool

 Picture of Reaney Park shelter and swingsPicture of Reaney Park Pool and deck

690 NE Reaney Way (1.64 acres) In 1910 Reaney Park was the site of a roller rink and livery stable for W.S.U. students. The city purchased the park site from Albert and Phebe Reaney in 1904. The bandstand was constructed and native buckeye trees planted in 1915. As more land was purchased the first swimming pool was built (1917). Reaney Park is the home of the National Lentil Festival and the Reaney Park Concert Series on summer evenings. Our community’s only outdoor pools are located at the west end of the park and an extensive playground area wraps around the park perimeter. 

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Sunnyside Park

Picture of Sunnyside Park Shelter





147 SW Cedar St (25 acres) Home of Pullman’s yearly Fourth of July celebration, this expansive park rolls with the natural terrain of the Palouse. Cradled below grassy knolls are two ponds fed by a waterfall and connected by a babbling creek. Graceful willows dip into the ponds and is home to assorted ducks and turtles. Development of Sunnyside Park was completed with the help of I.A.C. Funds in 1974. There is a large picnic shelter and BBQ overlooking the ponds and an adjoining children’s playground. Two tennis courts, a little league baseball field, volleyball standards, disc golf course and trails complete the athletic facilities available. The south side of the park, previously a nursery, is now used for community gardens which are available for summer rental through the Parks and Recreation office.

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Terre View Park

 Picture of Terre View Park shelter

325 NW Terre View Dr (3.25 acres) The park was donated by Ed and Mary Schweitzer in 1999. The park includes a picnic shelter, playground, wetland pond area, and public restroom. 

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Bill Chipman Palouse Trail


1450 SE Bishop Blvd: The 16 miles of paths and trails within the City of Pullman connects to the 7-mile-long Bill Chipman Palouse Trail, between Pullman and Moscow, which also connects to the 11-mile-long Latah Trail, between the communities of Moscow and Troy. 
City Playfields


820 SE South St (8.66 acres) Situated along the South Fork of the Palouse River are one little league field and two softball fields (Thatuna, Bowman, and Wiley) that constitute the Pullman City Playfields. This is the main athletic facility for Pullman’s summer sports. A jogging track, exercise stations, volleyball standards, batting cage, picnic tables, drinking fountains and restrooms are also part of this athletic complex. The land for the City Playfields was dedicated to the city in 1941 by Henry Cole. 

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Conservation Park


799 NW Darrow St (15.85 acres) The City’s “old nursery” site having outgrown its initial purpose made its transformation into the Conservation Park as a result of WSU student Angie Kenney’s Master Thesis; Environmental and Societal Benefits of Conserving Open Space: An in Depth Analysis and formal Park Proposal for Pullman, Washington. 

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Emerald Point Park (Under Development)


In 2011, 2.625 acres were donated from the Emerald Pointe Home Owners Assoc. for the development of a playground and green space for the children of the Golden Hills housing development. 

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Harrison Tot Lot


337 NW Harrison St (.233 acres) Harrison Tot Lot is designed specifically for toddlers and very young children. All equipment is colorful, imaginative and geared for use by young families. Casual seating areas, picnic table and BBQ further enhance this little park. 

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Itani Park/Itani Linear Path


950 SW Crestview Dr (Itani Park 7.45 acres/Itani Liner Path 7.1 acres) Rafik and Mary Sue Itani donated this natural linear park to the City in 1997, development of the park began in 2006. In 2010 a small gazebo was constructed in the park. 

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Mary's Park

Mary's Park showing the forest play structure and the Zip Cruise feature.Mary's Park showing the train themed play structure on a sunny morning.

1570 SE Johnson Ave (5 acres) 
Mary's Park offers engaging, inclusive opportunities for children of all abilities to be active and have fun outside! The park was officially unveiled in September 2022, and includes Pullman's first ADA-accessible playground. 

Playground features:
  • Two themed play structures that are wheelchair-accessible
  • A durable SpectraTurf rubber playground surfacing for mobility
  • ZipKrooz glider
  • Brava Universal Swing 
  • Cozy Cocoon
Mary's Park also offers a wetland pathway and musical garden. Future plans include paving the  parking lot, installing a bathroom, and erecting a picnic shelter, in addition to landscaping around the property.

In 2010, five acres were donated from the Herb Neil estate for the creation of Mary’s Park. Construction started in 2019 but was stalled in 2020 due to the pandemic. 

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Military Hill Park


500 NW Greyhound Way (25 acres) Set on Military Hill overlooking the fields of the Palouse, Military Hill Park is a shared facility with Pullman Aquatic & Fitness Center and Pullman High School. There are six tennis courts, two baseball diamonds, one playfield, a children’s playground, picnic shelter, BBQ's and restroom facilities. Surrounding the park is an extensive exercise trail. Development of Military Hill Park was completed in 1974 with the help of I.A.C. Funds. Quann Field, the primary baseball diamond, was outfitted with lights in 1979 and new bleachers wee installed in 1992.

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Petry Natural Area


A dedication ceremony for the Petry Natural Area (Petry Park) occurred on July 6, 2004. In order to access the natural area, enter the city path on Stadium Way. The park is located approximately one-quarter mile up the path on your left. Signage marks the location of the site. Glenn and Melody Petry not only donated the property but also signage, two benches, two picnic tables, and trash receptacles.

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Spring Street Skate Park


325 E Spring (2.75 acres) Located near Reaney Park. The park includes a skate board facility, and public restrooms. The park has a trail link to the Bill Chipman Trail. Benches are located along the tranquil Palouse River for patrons to enjoy a quite moment alone. 

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Sunnyside Garden Plots


There are 24 garden plots for rent within Sunnyside Park for the sole purpose of private vegetable or flower gardening. There is a $30.00 per plot fee to rent a plot for the season. Plots can be rented to individuals or groups and the fee covers the cost of spring and fall rototilling, initial weed control, and water expenses within the garden plot(s). Depending upon spring soil and weather conditions, the assigned plot may be used from approximately April 15 through October 15 of the current year. The plots are laid out, marked, and rototilled initially by the City. The ground is good black loam on a gentle north slope unobstructed from the sun. Garden plots will share the water sources. 

Access to the nearest parking area is off the Wawawai Road. Proceed up the Colfax Highway from Pullman and turn left at the Hilltop Inn, or go to the end of West Main then left 200 feet. Vehicles are not allowed in the park. It is approximately 300 feet to the gardening area from where you park. You will have to carry in your gardening supplies, tools, and hose.

For more information and to reserve a garden plot for 2020 please call our off at (509) 338-3227, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. 

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Sunrise Park

Sunrise Park fall 2019

ByPass Dr (.08 acres) The park was donated in 2013 by Kevin Kirkman of Kirkman Development. Development will have a walking path, gazebo, benches and be the beginning point for Pullman Regional Hospital wellness path. 

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Woodcraft/Gannon Park

Woodcraft Park fall of 2019

370 SE Pine St (.84 acres) Nestled in a quiet southeast neighborhood and sheltered by shade trees, Woodcraft park is primarily a peaceful picnic area. The park land was donated to the city in 1946. A two-person swing and picnic area. 

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