Planning and Projects

Keep up to date on all the updates and projects happening in Pullman's City Parks! Visit the Playground Updates page for all the latest information on park playground updates happening right now! 

Five Year Comprehensive Plan: 

The City of Pullman, Parks, Facilities, & Recreation Comprehensive Plan is intended to lay the groundwork for the future of the city park and recreation system. The plan is designed to supplement the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. It expands on the information contained in the “1999 Comprehensive Plan” and “2018 Comprehensive Plan Update: Existing Conditions and Future Forecast, Final Technical Memorandum” by providing significantly greater detail regarding the inventory of parks and recreation activities and facilities. This plan inventories existing parks and identifies future park and recreation needs, explores park rehabilitation issues, outlines parks, facilities, and recreation management and operations, discusses recreation program and services issues, and identifies parks, facilities, recreation, and open space goals and objectives.


The City of Pullman, Parks, Facilities, & Recreation Plan establishes a process that provides guidance on the management and development of the recreational services, parks, trails, squares and triangles, and other open spaces. This plan serves to unite the system into a coordinated network that reflects the needs and recommended priorities for the benefit of both the city residents and the many visitors over the next 5-20 years.

2019-2024 Parks, Facilities, and Recreation 5 Year Comprehensive Plan APPROVED 2-25-2020.pdf

Five_Year_ Pullman_Parks_and_Recreation_Plan 2008-13.pdf

Approved Projects

Completion Emerald Pointe Park
Emerald Pointe Park: Development would include playground, shelter, restrooms, and a paved parking lot. These projects are currently ongoing and will also be funded from the bond monies.
Sunrise Park Improvements
Sunrise Park will be getting a small picnic shelter and picnic tables in 2023-24. 

Current & Completed Projects

Mary's Park Improvements

Photo of completed Mary's Park playground equipment

Mary’s Park: The creation of an all-inclusive (ADA) playground is nearly finished. The rest of the project will include a paved parking lot, restrooms, and a shelter. The park would also include a wetlands mitigation interpretive area, children’s garden, and demonstration garden. The existing house and barns will be demolished in the summer of 2023.

The completely ADA playground equipment for Mary's Park was received in March of 2019 and the site preparations started to take shape July 2019. The train playground structure has been assembled and placed at Mary's Park, while the second piece of equipment, a forest structure, will be placed in the spring of 2020. Then a soft ground covering will be placed under both structures in 2020 as well and all the finishing touches on the playground design will wrap up in the fall of 2020. The funds for Mary's Park have come from a combination of bond money and the $25,000 donation from the local Kiwanis Club. The Kiwanis Club is also pledging to match donations for Mary's Park for up to $5,000.00. Thank you for your generous support!


Pedestrian/Bike Path Development


The bike path development project started by paving the Itani Linear Path from Center St. to the Sunnyside Park Shelter and the Cedar St. parking lot. The goal is to create a path from Copper Basin Development, through the Conservation Park, to Darrow St., and on to Harrison St. Plan and develop sections of the trails to the new Kamiak Elementary School as development occurs. Funds for this project are provided through the bond.


Reaney Park Pool Improvements

Reaney Park Pool Liner:
In the Spring of 2020 the pool liner at Reaney Park Pool was replaced. The money to complete this project were taken from bond funds.

Reaney Park Pool Shower/Locker Rooms:
The interior and exterior restrooms and changing rooms have not been updated since the early 1960s. Renovation and improvements to the shower building were identified as a high priority in the City’s revised ADA Transition Plan. Presently, handicap porta-pots must be leased as park restrooms do not meet ADA Standards. The new proposed layout would include toilets, sinks, and shower replacements.

City Playfield Upgrades


The proposed plan was to add 6 new dugout structures to Wiley, Bowman, and Thatuna fields. We are also replacing and upgrading the existing storage and 3 scorekeeper boxes. There are 3 backstops and fencing that are being replaced as well. The project also includes adding an adult fitness component along the pedestrian path. Funds for these projects will be taken from the bond.

Pictures of the current project progress can be found in the gallery.

Kruegel Park Shelter Replacement

Photo of Kruegel Park shelter going up

The original shelter was constructed by the Lions Club over 40 years ago. Roof repairs were carried out by Parks staff and Real Life Ministries volunteers several years ago to extend its safe use. A new structure similar to those at Sunnyside and Terre View Parks is being proposed. We would also like to add ADA route improvements from the parking area to the shelter and to the restrooms. Funds for this project are being taken from the bond funds.

Playground Equipment Replacement
There are multiple parks having new playground equipment installed. Updates on current park construction can be found under the Playground Updates link

Construction sites include:
Harrison Tot Lot
Kruegel Park
Sunnyside Park

Future construction will occur later this year and into 2024 at:
Military Hill Park
Reaney Park (East playground where the horseshoe pits are)
McGee Park