Chief of Police Addresses Community in Open Letter

Chief of Police Addresses Community in Open Letter
Posted on 06/08/2020

As communities across the nation react to the senseless death of Mr. George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis Police officer, anger and concern are at the forefront of law enforcement communications. The Pullman Police Department understands the importance of culture, training, and accountability in addressing and preventing systemic racism and other forms of discrimination within law enforcement agencies and the communities that we have sworn to protect. We are working to address the questions, concerns, and inquiries presented by our community members.


In addition to issuing a formal response to the devastating events in Minneapolis, Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins has composed an open letter to members of the Pullman community. Chief Jenkins acknowledges the importance of ongoing efforts to identify and improve shortcomings within law enforcement, and reiterates his commitment to providing outstanding personnel and service from the Pullman Police Department. He also provides a summary of Pullman PD practices and training, as they relate to fair and impartial policing.


Open Letter to the Community

Pullman PD Practices & Training