Proclamation Education & Enforcement

Proclamation Education & Enforcement
Posted on 03/25/2020


March 25, 2020

Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police

Emergency Manager

Pullman Police Department

(509) 334-0802




The Pullman Police Department is dedicated to safeguarding the health and safety of our community members. To accomplish that, our staff will focus on educating residents about how to comply with the Governor’s orders to stay at home to keep themselves, their families, and most importantly, our community safe - especially our vulnerable populations. Our community members have demonstrated an understanding of the severity of the situation and have been taking steps to keep themselves, their families, and their neighbors, safe and healthy.


When officers encounter people out of compliance with current orders, we will remind them, as appropriate, of the conditions of the proclamations issued by Governor Inslee. We have no desire to make any arrests or take anybody to jail for violations. We understand that some people need to carry out essential duties. If you need to go to the pharmacy and pick up your medication, that's important. If you're going to or from a grocery store to pick up food, that's necessary. We're not actively seeking people out. We are not making traffic stops to find out where people are going. Rumors of individuals or businesses needing "passes" or "licenses" to travel or conduct essential services are not true. We just want people to listen to the order and stay home if they don't need to be out.


That said, those who decide to blatantly disregard the Governor’s proclamations by hosting or organizing a party or similar social event create a health and safety risk to our entire community. When education and warning do not achieve compliance, those who place our community at risk by participating in such activities will be subject to ticket and/or arrest. It is our hope that it will not come to this.


While this situation poses some unknowns, be assured that all essential food and supplies will not be hampered on our roadways, that people will be able to travel to meet essential needs like food and medical help, and that there are no current needs or plans to close our borders with other states.


To view the details of the Governor’s Proclamations, please visit:


If you want to determine whether a specific activity qualifies as an essential service, conduct a word search of the “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” document, available at:


Rest assured that we remain committed to serve you every minute of every day. We will do our very best to ensure the health and safety of our community.


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