Pullman PD Joins Neighbors Public Safety Service

Pullman PD Joins Neighbors Public Safety Service
Posted on 10/21/2021


October 21, 2021

Gary Jenkins, Chief of Police

Pullman Police Department

(509) 334-0802


Pullman PD Joins Neighbors Public Safety Service


The Pullman Police Department has partnered with Neighbors Public Safety Service to leverage the Neighbors app by Ring. This free service allows citizens the opportunity to stay informed with real-time information related to local public safety incidents. Any community member can join and participate in the Neighbors community, no Ring device required.


Neighbors Public Safety Service protects the privacy of users by allowing neighbors to remain anonymous, and providing only general geographical information about the user’s location. Public safety agencies are allowed to view videos and information that is posted publicly within the app, or shared explicitly in response to a request for assistance. A user who wishes to share their identity or contact information with a public safety agency must do so intentionally.


Pullman PD looks forward to using the Neighbors app to further expand our communications efforts. The agency plans to participate by sharing crime and safety information with residents, viewing and responding to public content, and requesting public assistance with criminal investigations.


The Neighbors by Ring app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Visit ring.com/neighbors to learn more.