Aquifer-Themed Pullman Transit Bus

City of Pullman Aquifer-Themed Transit Bus Unveiled
Posted on 08/05/2020
Aquifer-Themed Bus - Side ViewWe are pleased to share that earlier today, August 5, 2020, the new City of Pullman Transit bus was unveiled. Be on the lookout later this month as the newest addition to the Transit fleet hits the streets. The new aquifer-themed bus features a stunning external wrap that abstractly depicts the Grande Ronde Aquifer, Pullman's source of drinking water, situated underneath the characteristic rolling hills of Pullman and the greater-Palouse region. Inside the bus a number of posters aim to not only educate riders about the Grande Ronde Aquifer and the City of Pullman's water usage, but also provide specific examples of ways to help conserve water. Suggested conservation measures focus on habit-changing practices, on both an individual and community-wide level, with anticipated water savings identified numerically and also in terms of how much resulting water savings would fit inside Washington State University’s Martin Stadium.

Learn more about the bus, and water conservation on the Palouse by visiting Pullman Conserves.