City of Pullman Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Pullman Wastewater Treatment Plant
Posted on 12/08/2020
WWTP Crew The City of Pullman wastewater treatment plant treats sewage from every home and business in Pullman and WSU, an average of 2.76 million gallons per day. Using a biological method known as activated sludge, the wastewater is treated to remove contaminants such as Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites, and other impurities that could harm the public or ecosystem. The wastewater is then treated with Ultra Violet Light which reduces the pathogen load in the water to safe limits for discharge into the South Fork of the Palouse River.

The City of Pullman and the Wastewater Treatment Plant staff are dedicated to protecting the citizens and environment of the Palouse. We monitor the quality of the Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent on a daily basis to ensure it is of the highest quality. All maintenance and operations at the Wastewater Treatment Plant are performed with the rate-payer in mind, as economically as possible.

Click here for an aerial tour of the treatment plant.

Mission: Ensure clean water for a thriving ecosystem.