In-House Laboratory at the WWTP

In-House Laboratory at the WWTP
Posted on 04/13/2021
WWTP Laboratory

When you think of wastewater treatment, we are sure there are a few things that come to mind, but is operating an in-house, state certified, laboratory one of them?

The City of Pullman Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) operates a Washington State certified laboratory 7-days a week. Staffed by a full-time laboratory manager, with the assistance of other WWTP personnel, the processes that take place within the lab ensure that the treated water from the plant is safe to be released into the South Fork of the Palouse River.

Environmental laboratories in Washington must adhere to numerous proficiency standards to seek and maintain accreditation. Accreditation demonstrates that a lab is able to perform the analytical methods for which they are accredited. Annually the WWTP lab completes proficiency testing to maintain accreditation with the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE).  The proficiency testing samples are provided by a third-party vendor.   The Pullman WWTP lab analyzes the samples, and the results are graded by the third-party vendor. Based on the grading of the third-party vendor, the DOE issues the lab’s accreditation.

Staff at the WWTP are currently working to obtain accreditation for e-coli testing, adding another to the list of tests performed in-house. Additions to the accreditation, including e-coli testing, occur to meet ever-changing requirements.  As regulations change we will continue to keep pace with requirements.

As you can see, the workgroup at the WWTP continues to live their mission; Ensuring clean water for a thriving ecosystem.