National Backflow Prevention Day

National Backflow Prevention Day
Posted on 08/16/2021
National Backflow Prevention Day, August 16, 2021National Backflow Prevention Day – Today is the first ever nationally recognized Backflow Prevention Day, designed to honor water safety heroes across the country.

What is a backflow prevention assembly? Did you know that water can flow backward? The answers to these questions are not necessarily common knowledge. National Backflow Prevention Day is intended to bring awareness to the role that backflow prevention plays in keeping water safe to use and drink. Today serves as a time to provide education on the importance of backflow prevention, especially the work done by water quality professionals responsible for installing and maintaining backflow prevention assemblies.

Water is a basic necessity for life. Too often the value of our water resource is overlooked, in part due to the easily accessible, high-quality water to which we all have become accustomed. A robust backflow prevention program is necessary and vital for the delivery of safe, reliable, and contaminant-free water to our customers. Countless dedicated and skilled professionals work behind the scenes to ensure that the water delivered to your home and business is of the highest quality possible. The skill and expertise to identify and prevent potential contaminant sources, and determine the appropriate level of protection for the long-term sustainability of our most precious resource are borne of hard work, continuing education, the application of scientific principles, and dedication.

We are proud to share that we have seven staff members certified as either a Backflow Assembly Tester or Cross-Connection Control Specialist in the state of Washington. These individuals, along with city staff in several departments including Maintenance & Operations, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Public Works, as well as local landscaping professionals, plumbers, and contract backflow assembly testers, play integral roles in eliminating backflow incidents and guaranteeing the ongoing safety of the water being delivered to you.

We appreciate this opportunity to highlight the important work done by our teams, as they work each day to ensure strong infrastructure for a safe and thriving community.

Find out more about backflow prevention, also known as our Cross-Connection Control Program, here.