National Public Works Week 2021

National Public Works Week 2021: Stronger Together
Posted on 05/14/2021
National Public Works Week 2021, May 16 - 22: Stronger TogetherFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
May 14, 2021
Cristin Reisenauer, Maintenance & Operations Administrative Specialist
(509) 338-3242

May 16 – 22, 2021 is National Public Works Week. The American Public Works Association (APWA) has announced "Stronger Together" as the theme for the 2021 National Public Works Week poster. This year's exciting poster challenges us to think about the role public works plays in creating a great place to live. By working together, the impact citizens and public works professionals can have on their communities is magnified and results in the ability to accomplish goals once thought unattainable.

The City of Pullman employs 67 full-time, and 32 part-time public works personnel; this number includes Maintenance & Operations, Transit, Engineering, and Protective Inspections professionals.

During 2020 the following activities were performed by public works staff.

Maintenance & Operations:
• Installed 178 new water/sewer service connections
• Maintained 115.65 miles of water, and 95.99 miles of sewer main lines
• Performed preventive maintenance and completed 2,846 equipment work orders on the city’s fleet of equipment
• Achieved 100% compliance, incurring no discharge permit violations for the Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Tested 2,014 backflow devices
• Processed $7,500 worth of conservation rebate incentives
• Collected 3,520 water samples for testing
• Collected 67,536+ meter reads for water service billing
• Spent 878 hours sweeping city streets; 6,498 hours updating and maintaining city streets; 2,313 hours maintaining city water tanks, wells, and reservoirs; 4,954 hours cleaning just over 385,649 lineal feet of sewer main lines

Pullman Transit served a population of 34,560. 

Engineering services were provided for the construction of major projects totaling $9,517,263 in valuation.

Protective Inspections performed 4,859 inspections, and 561 permits were issued.

Stormwater Services saw successful implementation of the City’s Stormwater Management Program.

Public Works professionals focus on infrastructure, facilities and services that are of vital importance to sustainable and resilient communities, public heath, high quality of life, and the well-being of the people of Pullman, Washington. These infrastructure, facilities, and services could not be provided without the dedicated efforts of public works professionals. It is in the public interest for citizens, civic leaders, and children to gain knowledge of and to maintain ongoing interest and understanding of the importance of public works and public works programs in our community.

Please join us as we pay tribute to our City of Pullman public works professionals, and recognize the substantial contributions they make to protect our health, safety, and quality of life.