Residential Leaf Collection Begins Monday

Residential Leaf Collection Begins Monday
Posted on 11/04/2021
Leaf Collection is ComingThe City of Pullman annual residential leaf collection program for 2021 will begin Monday, November 8.

The 2021 Residential Leaf Collection schedule is as follows:

November 8, 9, 10 - Pioneer Hill, SE Quadrant
November 12, 15, 16 - Military Hill, NW Quadrant
November 17, 18, 19 - Sunnyside Hill*, SW Quadrant
November 22, 23, 24 - College Hill, NE Quadrant
*Includes Nicole Court, Sunrise Drive, Cory Lane, Golden Hills Drive and the Evergreen Community

Each year the Maintenance Division reminds residents what to, and what not to do, to ensure that the most effective service can be provided.
• Rake leaves into the parking strip in front of your home, no more than two days prior to the collection dates scheduled for your quadrant of town.
• Ensure that stormwater drains, and gutters are clear of all debris including leaves. Blocked stormwater infrastructure can lead to localized flooding.
• Identify and utilize off-street parking during the scheduled collection dates for your neighborhood. City crews are operating large heavy equipment, and need room to maneuver in order to collect and remove the leaves.
• Bag leaves
• Place anything other than leaves to be collected.

Scheduled residential street sweeping will be suspended as the annual leaf collection program commences. When possible, the street sweeper will follow leaf collection activities through residential areas, to allow for the most effective cleaning of the streets leading into the winter months.

Thank you for helping the City of Pullman achieve our mission to ensure strong infrastructure for a safe and thriving community.

Find out more about this annual program here.