Road Maintenance Scheduled March 1 - 5

Road Maintenance Scheduled March 1 - 5
Posted on 03/01/2021
March 1 -5 Road WorkMaintenance crews will be working this week to address the post-snow impacts to area roadways, including pothole repair and street sweeping to remove gravel applied for traction.
Pothole work will begin on primary roadways, including Grand Avenue and Bishop Boulevard, followed by work in less heavily traveled areas. Pothole work will be scheduled to occur during the very early morning hours, to reduce traffic impacts, though work will need to continue during the daytime hours. Please be aware as you move through town, utilizing extra caution as you travel past crews performing this important work, and the buffer vehicles being used to indicate where crews are located.
Street sweeping will ramp up throughout town beginning this week, and continue until the sanding aggregate placed for traction during winter driving conditions has been removed to the best of the sweeper’s ability. Street sweeping will occur on a daily basis unless the weather determines we need to adjust our focus to snow and ice control measures. We look forward to updating you when we transition from daily sweeping, to our standard residential scheduled sweeping.
Thank you for taking all necessary steps to ensure our crews can perform these, and all maintenance operations, safely and efficiently.