Washington State Chlorine Shortage

Statewide Chlorine Shortage Not Expected to Impact Pullman City Services
Posted on 06/22/2021
Chlorine Shortage

You may have heard that some Washington State water utility providers are concerned as the state faces a chlorine shortage. According to KING5 News, the chlorine shortage results from an electrical failure at a Longview Washington chemical production facility. On Friday, June 18, the Department of Health advised customers to check with their local water utility for information regarding the shortage. Here is our good news, we do not anticipate impacts as we generate liquid chlorine at each well site for water treatment in Pullman.

The on-site liquid chlorine generation system combines salt, water, and electrical power to generate liquid chlorine. While sourcing liquid chlorine commercially is our standard backup plan to address equipment failure in chlorine generation systems within the city, we do not anticipate that will be necessary. Instead, we have, and will expand, a supply of parts kept on hand to facilitate timely repair, and ongoing maintenance of the systems to ensure the continued delivery of safe water to all of our customers.

Additionally, we have been in contact with our Recreation Manager, Kurt Dahmen, who has provided that he does not expect services at city pool facilities to be impacted by this shortage. Last but not least, our Wastewater Treatment facility utilizes UV light for its disinfection processes, which brings us full circle, illustrating our commitment to ensuring strong infrastructure for a safe and thriving community. 

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