Winter Storm Briefing January 13, 2020

Winter Storm Briefing January 13, 2020
Posted on 01/13/2020
Winter UpdateWinter weather, and its impacts on area roadways have hit our city hard; and our crews have continued to work even harder.
Beginning Friday evening, January 10, extending through this morning, January 13, members from the Maintenance, Operations, and Equipment Rental Division worked a total of 239 hours! 239 hours allowed us to accomplish our ultimate goal, which is to allow vehicles that are properly equipped for conditions to reach life-sustaining and primary services, i.e. hospitals, grocery stores and schools.
ERD crew members worked extended hours on Friday evening, and a full day on Saturday, allowing equipment issues that could have otherwise significantly affected snow and ice control activities, to be addresses as they occurred, keeping our fleet intact and on the road.
Maintenance crews started by adding crew member to the regularly scheduled night shift on Friday evening, and continued working through the weekend. Activities that took place over the weekend allowed all area roadways, with the exception of a few alleyways, to be addressed with at least a single pass by a plow vehicle by Sunday evening.
Beginning at 3AM today, January 13, as night shift crew members went off duty and regularly scheduled morning shift began, additional crew members reported for duty, allowing for a plow truck to be operating in each of the four quadrants of town. Additionally staffing levels allowed for specific focus to be placed on addressing the known issues that occur within the downtown business district.
Work today has included having a grader being operated on each end of town providing snow “push-back”. Push-back activity also took place on College-Hill overnight Sunday into Monday morning, as additional vehicles being parked in the area was anticipated as WSU students return from winter break. Cul-de-sacs being fully plowed, as well as ongoing snow control activities in the downtown business district are all continuing today.
As additional snowfall, and therefore roadway impacts are anticipated, based on current weather forecasts, crews will continue to apply anti and de-icing agents and transition to plowing activities as appropriate. Supply levels of consumables to include magnesium chloride, road salt, and sanding aggregate are being monitored and replenished accordingly.

*Please note, staffing levels and action being taken will be adjusted as needed. Winter weather is unpredictable, and crews are always ready to respond.