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Every Drop Counts
Almost 2,000 dedicated irrigation systems in Pullman lead to an astonishing increase in water used during the summer months. Irrigation season, and ever increasing temperatures bring the topic of responsible water use in Pullman to the forefront again this year.

Pullman’s water supply comes from the Grande Ronde aquifer, a delicate resource that is seeing continued annual decline. To reduce the rate of decline, we need your help. Because of the substantial amount of water used to quench lawns and gardens during the summer, making small, smart changes to your irrigation plan today will help preserve a long-term water supply for our city.

Please strongly consider the recommendations* below and choose to make every drop count for the sustainability of Pullman and our neighbors!
  • Water late in the evening or early morning
    Irrigate landscape only during hours where evaporation is at its lowest—late evening, overnight, or early morning (9 p.m.-9 a.m.). In doing so, your lawn retains more moisture.
  • Water every other day—or less.
    Odd addresses water on odd days of the month while even addresses water on even days of the month. If you’re already watering less, keep up the good work.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent watering.
    Grass isn't meant to be bright green in the summer's sweltering heat. If watering manually, keep a timer on your phone, and if using an auto-timer, reduce the duration. Try the "tuna can test" to ensure you're watering just right.
  • Adjust your sprinklers.
    Make sure water is hitting your intended target, adjust sprinkler heads so that water is landing on your lawn, and not the sidewalk, driveway, or street.
Check out these printable tips for responsible residential and commercial irrigation.

Thank you for doing your part to make every drop count!

*Recommendations may eventually become mandatory to support a citywide
water conservation effort.

Water Conservation Incentive Programs

Conservation LogoApply for any of the water conservation rebates or credits offered by submitting a complete Water Conservation Rebate Application. The application includes instructions and  details on the requirements to qualify for the various rebate and credit opportunities. Submitting the application before any work is done is required. All rebates offered require an initial inspection as part of the approval process.

The rebate process cannot begin until a complete application has been submitted and processed.
A review of the existing fixtures or irrigated lawn space by City staff must occur prior to any work being done. Anything altered and/or removed prior to application for the program and prior to inspection will not qualify for a rebate.

Toilet Rebates
The City’s toilet rebate program launched in 2008. Since that time Pullman property owners have replaced over 2000 toilets resulting in an estimated annual water savings of 8.4 million gallons of water per year. In 2015 the City’s toilet rebate program was expanded to include five different types of toilet rebates including a rebate for new construction.

In an effort to encourage water conservation, the City of Pullman offers rebates to water customers that replace old, higher flow toilets, in favor of new low flow versions. Rebates of up to $125 are available!
Typically, toilets made before 1994 use 5 to 7 gallons per flush. Today there are many low flow options such as an Ultra Low Flush Toilet (1.6 gallons per flush) or a High Efficiency Toilet (1.28 gallons per flush, or less). Switching over one toilet can save as much as 10,000 gallons per year, and through our Toilet Rebate Program it is economically advantageous to switch. To qualify for the rebate, an applicant must be the owner of a residential or commercial property served by the City of Pullman Water System and be replacing your existing pre-code toilet with either a new Ultra Low Flush or a High Efficiency toilet. In order to receive the rebate, applicants must first complete a Water Conservation Rebate Application. Once the application is processed one of our Operations Technicians will perform an onsite inspection of your existing toilet in order for your application to be approved. Once the new lower flow toilet is installed, a second inspection will take place, followed by your rebate being processed and issued through our Finance Department.

The Water Conservation Rebate Application is available online, or can be obtained from the Public Works or Finance Departments in City Hall at 190 SE Crestview St, Bldg A, Pullman, WA 99163 For additional information please call (509) 338-3243.
Lawn Removal Credits
As the City of Pullman strives to continue meeting and exceeding conservation goals, a $150 credit is offered to any water system customer that removes at least 300 square feet of lawn in favor of drought resistant plantings. The process to claim the credit is simple. Begin by filling out our Water Conservation Rebate Application and a representative will contact you to perform an onsite inspection of your existing landscape, and to discuss your project. Following the initial inspection, simply complete the project and contact us at (509) 338-3243 for a final inspection. It is a great way to update your landscaping while saving both money and water.
Washing Machine Rebates
Owners of multifamily housing facilities with common area laundry facilities can receive a $200 rebate to replace existing non-efficient washing machines with newer Energy Star compliant washing machines. It is a great way to update your older non-efficient washing machine while saving both money and water.

Water Conservation Rebate Application.
Wisescape® Guidebook
Looking for ideas on how to update your landscaping to a water-efficient, drought resistant paradise? View the Wisescape® guidebook here, Wisescape® Guidebook.