Fare-Free Youth Policy Starts October 1

Youth Ride Free on Pullman Transit Starting October 1
Posted on 09/29/2022
PULLMAN, WA—On October 1, Pullman Transit’s fare-free youth policy goes into effect, which provides free public transportation to youth 18 and under.

The change comes as part of a formal fare policy approved by the City Council that aims to increase ridership and unlock non-local revenue sources, like state and federal grants, to help ease reliance on the local tax dollars that subsidize Pullman Transit operations.

“Establishing a formal fare policy was a key to maintaining a high level of service for riders at a reasonable rate,” said Public Transit Manager Wayne Thompson. “At Pullman Transit, we’re committed to preserving safe, efficient, and affordable public transportation for the Pullman community.”

In March 2022, the Washington State Legislature approved Move Ahead Washington, a $17 billion statewide transportation funding package that includes grant money for transit agencies that adopt a fare-free youth policy by October 1. As an adopter of such a policy, Pullman Transit would qualify for new transit support grants worth up to $166,529 for 2022 and an estimated $449,076 annually moving forward.

The formal fare policy was approved by Council at the September 13 regular meeting. A public hearing was held on August 23, with no objections or recommendations from the public.

Get an overview of the changes by visiting the Youth Fare-Free Policy page.

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