Unifying Place Brand

A Unifying Place Brand for Pullman
Posted on 02/02/2023
PULLMAN, WA—Arnett Muldrow & Associates, the consultant team tasked with creating a unifying place brand for Pullman, presented draft concepts—logos, colors, marketing messages, and more—to the Pullman City Council Tuesday night.

Arnett Muldrow & Associates participated in developing Pullman’s Strategic Tourism Plan, which was adopted by Council in July 2022. A Strategic Tourism Plan Workgroup comprised of community leaders and City staff was formed to help facilitate the tourism plan’s recommended actions for implementation. The creation of a unifying place brand was identified as a clear priority.

The goal was to create a unifying brand identity to help promote Pullman as a place to invest and visit while reinforcing the existing pride of place of the community. A comprehensive branding system serves to unite the City of Pullman with its tourism and promotional partners while staying authentic and true to the character of the city.

“There exists an infectious pride and innate connectedness throughout our city that shines through in this design package,” said Councilmember and Chair of Strategic Tourism Plan Workgroup, Pat Wright. “To furnish a cohesive, vibrant brand identity that speaks to visitors as well as our existing community represents a sign of growth and unlocks exciting opportunities for Pullman.”

In October, Arnett Muldrow & Associates conducted a series of focus groups with community stakeholders and City staff that inspired and informed the design direction. Over subsequent months, the Strategic Tourism Workgroup helped the consultant team refine the draft brand elements that were presented Tuesday night.

On February 1, the consultant team led a launch party at the City Hall Council Chambers whereby community stakeholder groups and City leadership were invited to review the initial brand elements along with the implementation plan.

Final designs and accompanying brand elements will be available for use by the City and its tourism and promotional partners once adopted by the City Council. To learn more, please watch Tuesday's branding presentation on the City of Pullman YouTube channel.

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