Water Conservation

City Encourages Voluntary Water Conservation Efforts
Posted on 07/25/2022
PULLMAN, WA—The City of Pullman again encourages the community to conserve water this summer by making small, smart changes to outdoor irrigation plans to help reverse the aquifer’s steady decline and advocate for a reliable long-term water supply for Pullman and its neighbors.

“Together—residents, businesses, and the City—we can all contribute to saving more water, especially in the summer when demand is highest,” said Public Works Director Shawn Kohtz. “Conserving now is our region’s most sustainable and cost-effective path to a water-secure future.”

The City kindly asks that residents and businesses please:
  • Irrigate landscape only during hours where evaporation is at its lowest—late evening, overnight, or early morning (9 p.m.-9 a.m.). In doing so, your lawn retains more moisture.
  • Water every other day—or less. Odd addresses water on odd days of the month while even addresses water on even days of the month. If you’re already watering less, keep up the good work.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent watering. If watering manually, keep a timer on your phone, and if using an auto-timer, consider reducing the duration. Try the “tuna can test” outlined on the EPA website to ensure you’re watering just right.
These voluntary conservation efforts may become part of a mandatory citywide water conservation effort in the future.

Please visit the City's conservation page and the Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee to learn more.

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