Community / School Event Appearance

When schedules permit, Pullman Fire Department proudly participates in events such as health fairs, festivals, school assemblies, and other community outreach opportunities throughout the year. Keep in mind our administrative staff is also available by request for educational keynote speaking engagements.

Information and Guidelines

  • Pullman Fire Department firefighters, paramedics, administrative staff, and apparatus may be requested to appear at a community event or school program function for up to a maximum of (2) two hours depending on staff availability and resources.
  • Staff, apparatus, and equipment may be reserved for a maximum of up to (2) two hours Monday – Saturday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 am and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Alternative days and times can be arranged with the approval of the Assistant Fire Chief of Operations.
  • Requests must be for Public Safety Awareness, Health and Wellness, and Fire Safety Education. Fire Trucks and facilities cannot be used for political events, and product or store advertisements, nor can department apparatus be used to block traffic for events.
  • Most requests will be assigned as an “IN SERVICE” detail…which means, the duty crew and apparatus may be dispatched to respond to an emergency before your event start time or during the event. If this occurs, the on-duty Officer will decide whether the duty crew will be able to fulfill your request and commitment to appear.
  • The Fire Department does not fill water barrels, swimming pools, fishing pools, baptismal pools, or dunk tanks. You may contact the Maintenance & Operations Department at (509) 338-3242 for assistance with these needs.
Click on the picture below to access a PDF station tour form to submit via email, or click here to submit a form online. 

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