Department Services

Citizen Ride-AlongsThe Pullman Police Department offers citizens the opportunity to ride-along with patrol officers! 

Minimum Age: 16
(Minor riders must have written parental permission.)
Citizen Ride Application
Successful Background Check

Citizens may request to ride with a specific officer, or may request certain dates/times, days of the week, or shifts. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests, though this may result in delayed scheduling.

Once an application is approved and successful background check completed, a member of the Pullman Police Department will contact you to schedule your ride. Citizens are typically limited to one ride per calendar year, though exceptions may be authorized by the Chief of Police or the Police Operations Commander.

The Pullman Police Department provides fingerprinting services to the public. Fingerprinting, with the exception of original CPL applications, is offered by appointment only. Please call 509-334-0802 to check availability. 

In order to preserve chain-of-custody, the Pullman Police Department will not return fingerprint cards to you. Cards will be sealed and mailed by Police Department staff. Please be sure that you have the following items with you when you visit us for fingerprinting: 

Government-Issued Photo I.D.
Cash or Check to "City of Pullman" ($5 per card)
Mailing Envelope: 9x12" or larger manila envelope
Proper Postage: Check with the United States Postal Service to ensure that you have proper postage applied to your envelope. Incorrect postage could result in delayed delivery.
O.R.I. Number: This number is provided by the agency that is requiring you to be fingerprinted. The code advises the State and F.B.I. of where to send the results of your background check.
Money Order: The fee for your fingerprint background check is separate from the fingerprinting fee charged by the Pullman Police Department. Your money order should be made out to the appropriate agency, for the proper amount. Pullman PD does not have access to fee schedules for the various agencies.
Application Documents: Any documents that need to accompany your fingerprints must be complete and ready to be mailed by Police Department staff.

The following area agencies also offer fingerprinting services: 

Whitman County Jail: 509-397-5585
Moscow Police Department: 208-883-7054

Lost & Found

Pullman PD has teamed up with Foundrop, a free service that helps recover lost and stolen property. 


If you have located property that was lost by someone else, we are glad to assist you. Visit the Pullman Police Department lobby at 260 SE Kamiaken Street to turn found property over to Police Department staff.

Prescription Drug Disposal

When prescription drugs are kept beyond when they are needed, they risk falling into the wrong hands.

The Pullman Police Department provides our community with a safe and secure drug drop-box, accessible 24/7. Medications collected are incinerated at a facility approved by the EPA and the Washington Department of Ecology, improving the safety of both, our community and our ecosystem!

Note: The Pullman Police Department prescription drug drop-box is not intended for professional drug waste, such as that produced by physician's offices, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, or similar. For disposal of this type, a pharmacy may transfer controlled substances to a DEA registered reverse distributor for secure disposal. Sharps, such as hypodermic needles or insulin injectors, are not accepted at Pullman PD. Please visit the Med Take Back Washington website to request free mail-back supplies for these items.

Click here for information about additional safe disposal locations, sharps disposal, and other harm reduction programs through Whitman County Public Health. 

Presentations & Public Programs

The Pullman Police Department is happy to provide safety-related presentations for organizations, businesses, clubs, and classrooms. If your group is interested in scheduling a public program, please call 509-334-0802

Availability of presentations and public programs may be impacted by staffing and scheduling limitations. We will do our best to accommodate you!
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