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Save lives. Change lives. Make a difference every day.The Pullman Police Department is searching for outstanding women and men with impeccable character to join our exceptional team of police officers. We offer the most generous salary and benefit package in our region:
$71,052 - $103,476 + incentive pay and overtime!

Pullman PD is proud to offer a $10,000 signing bonus for lateral hires.
Take the oath. Serve your community.

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Our Department
Special Assignments
College Hill Beat (Neighborhood Resource Officer)
Major Crimes Detective
Regional Drug Task Force Detective
School Resource Officer

Officers who have completed their initial probationary period may apply for temporary special assignments and collateral duties as openings arise.
Collateral Duties

Arson Investigator
Chemical Agent Response Team
Critical Incident Negotiator
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Drone Pilot
Drug Recognition Expert
Field Training Officer
Preliminary Breath Test Technician


Instructor Roles
Active Shooter Response
Bicycle Patrol
Blue Courage
Defensive Tactics
EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course)
First Aid
OC (Pepper Spray)
Patrol Tactics

Officers who have completed their initial probationary period may apply for temporary special assignments and collateral duties as openings arise.

Law enforcement is a 24/7/365 operation. Patrol officers are assigned to one of three shifts, supervised by a sergeant: 

Day Shift:  0700-1700 hours
Swing Shift: 1400-0000 hours (spring/summer) | 1600-0200 (fall)
Graveyard: 2100-0700 hours

Shifts are bid by seniority, and last for a 4-month rotation. Officers may only work the same shift for two consecutive rotations.
The Pullman Police Department equips officers with everything that they need to excel. All patrol officers are individually-issued: 

Custom-Fit Level III Ballistic Vest
Glock 17
.223 Rifle & PMAG Magazines
Taser 7
AXON Flex 2 Body Camera
Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Our agency operates a patrol fleet of Ford Interceptor SUVs and sedans. Each vehicle is equipped with: 

Microsoft Surface Tablet
AXON Fleet 2 In-Vehicle Camera
40mm Less-Lethal Foam Baton Launcher
Salary & Benefits
Base Salary:
$65,376 (Police Officer Trainee) - $95,220 (Senior Police Officer)

Education Incentive:
+2% for AA or 2 years college credit 
+4% for BA/BS for 4 years college credit

Salary increased based on a combination of experience and college credits.
Officers with 4 years of college credit can advance to Senior Police Officer within 5 years.
2022 and beyond: annual cost of living increase per contract, typically 1.5-4%.
Overtime pay calculated at 1.5x hours worked outside of regular shift. In lieu of overtime, officers may accumulate comp time at the same rate.

Three health insurance options:

  • AWC Health First 250: 100% premium coverage for employee, 80% coverage for dependents.
  • AWC Health First High-Deductible: 100% premium coverage for employees and dependents; City-funded HSA contribution of $200/month (single) or $400/month (family). 
  • Kaiser Permanente 200 Deductible/$20 Co-pay:  100% premium coverage for employees and dependents.
Dental & Vision:
Coverage for employees and their dependents

LEOFF II Pension Plan:
Vested after 5 years of service
Retirement available at age 53
Defined benefit: Years of service x 2% x final average salary (highest-paid 5 years)

Other Benefits:
$15,000 Life Insurance Policy
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Professional Liability Legal Insurance

Leave Accrual:

  • Sick Leave: 96 hrs/year; Carryover up to 800 hours monthly
  • Vacation:  96 hrs/year; 216 hrs/year after 25 years of service; Carryover up to 240 hours monthly
  • Comp Time: Option to take compensatory time in lieu of payment for overtime hours worked; 1.5 hours for every 1 hour OT hour worked; Carryover up to 72 hours monthly; Cashout available
  • Floating Holiday: 88 hrs/year; Remaining balance cashed out annually
Mission & Values
"The mission of the Pullman Police Department is to provide professional police services
that prioritize public safety, quality of life, and the rights of all."
Courage - Integrity - Compassion

The Pullman Police Department embraces the Community-Oriented Policing model, which is commonly referred to as "community policing". 

We view our work as being in partnership with our community at all times. We recognize that community engagement and participation have significant impact on crime and our citizens’ quality of life.  We approach problem solving in a holistic manner, utilizing all of the applicable resources available to our community.  Officers strive to address problems with long-term solutions focused on root causes rather than temporarily easing symptoms.

Community policing is not a specific program that can be compartmentalized into a specialized section of the Police Department; it is a philosophy that permeates our entire organization.

Members of the Pullman Police Department are expected to employ community policing to deliver public safety services in an honest, fair, and professional manner; working with our community to enhance quality of life.
The Pullman Police Department is an early adopter of new technologies and processes, with a history of innovation that stretches decades. We have been on the leading edge of implementing multi-agency records management, DNA-only arrest warrants, joint inter-local Emergency Management Planning, body-worn cameras, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka 'drones’) into our policing. We are also an Internet Crimes Against Children partner agency.

Body Cameras:

Pullman PD equips each patrol officer with the AXON Flex 2 and each detective with the AXON Body 2. Our patrol cars are equipped with AXON Fleet in-car cameras that monitor traffic ahead of the vehicle as well as the prisoner compartment. The cameras aid officers in documenting statements, evidence, and scenes as well as garner public trust.


Pullman PD utilizes three models of UAV for search and rescue, suspect apprehension, crime-scene documentation, disaster response, and community outreach.

  • DJI Spark - the Spark is an almost-pocket-sized UAV equipped with 1080p video recording. We primarily use the Spark for training and indoor or tactical operations.
  • DJI Phantom 4 - the Phantom takes up about a cubic foot of space and is equipped with a camera capable of 4k video recording, high-resolution photography, and is mounted to a gyroscopic gimble for image stabilization. The Phantom has the longest battery life and is our go-to drone for anything outdoors.
  • DJI Inspire - the Inspire is our largest drone and has a retractable landing gear. Like the Phantom, the Inspire is equipped with 4k video recording, high-resolution photography, and a gyroscopic gimble. However, the Inspire also can be outfitted with an infrared camera useful for nighttime search and rescue or suspect apprehension operations.
In April, 2019, Pullman PD received the Outstanding Achievement in Local Government Innovation Award from the Alliance for Innovation for our drone program.
Our Process

21+ years of age at time of hire
High School Diploma or G.E.D.
U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident
Must meet minimum requirements of RCW 41.12.070

Hiring Process & Timeline:

Step 1:  Submit employment application; Schedule written and physical tests through Public Safety Testing
Step 2: Complete written and physical tests
Step 3: Participate in oral board interview
Step 4: Chief holds interviews for top candidates from oral board
Step 5: Thorough background investigation 
Step 6: Job Offer
Step 8: Hire date is determined; Trainee is enrolled in Basic Law Enforcement Academy

What is a background investigation? 

A background investigation is detailed deep-dive into an applicant’s character and history. Some major areas of interest include work history, education, legal history, financial circumstances, and driving history.

A background investigator will interview as many friends, family members, and supervisors as possible. They strive to know the applicant as well as they know themselves.

The background investigation culminates in several screening tests, to ensure an applicant’s honesty during the hiring process and fitness for the duties of a police officer:

  • Polygraph
  • Psychological Exam
  • Medical Exam
  • Drug Screening
Initial Training:

  • 2 week pre-academy shadow of experienced PPD Field Training Officer
  • 720-hour Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Burien or Spokane (4.5 months)
Instructional blocks include: criminal law and procedures, traffic enforcement, cultural awareness, communication skills, emergency vehicle operations, firearms, crisis intervention, patrol procedures, criminal investigation, defensive tactics.

Field Training:

Our Field Training program pairs officer trainees with experienced training officers. The Field Training Officer - called an FTO - supervises, teaches, and mentors the trainee. The trainee goes through four-week periods (called phases) with three different FTOs. The trainee gains experience and knowledge as they progresses through the phases and bears more responsibility for decision making in their activities. At the end of each call for service and each day, the FTO reviews with the trainee what they did well and what they need to improve upon. At the end of Phase III, the trainee proceeds to Shadow Phase - a two-week proving ground where they receive no assistance or input from the FTO until the end of the shift. Upon completing the FTO program, the trainee is trusted to operate as an independent officer.

Continuing Training:

All officers receive a minimum of 24 hours per year of refresher training to maintain their peace officer certification

Some officers, especially those assigned to specialized assignments or or collateral duties, receive over 100 hours of training per year
Lateral Applicants
The Pullman Police Department seeks talented and motivated lateral officers from other agencies. In order to qualify as a lateral, applicants must:

have completed a qualifying basic law enforcement academy be currently employed as a full-time commissioned law enforcement officer have two years of continuous law enforcement experience
have one year full-time commissioned continuous law enforcement experience with satisfactory performance and have 30 credit hours or 45 quarter hours of college credits at an accredited institution


Officers lateraling from out of state will be sent to and must graduate from the 80-hour Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Equivalency Academy. Lateral officers will also complete the PPD Field Training Orientation program. 


Lateral officers begin at Step 3 of the 5-step salary schedule ($89,160 in 2023), and may reach Step 5 ($103.476 in 2023) at the end of the 18-month probationary period, depending on prior experience.

Pullman PD is proud to offer a $10,000 signing bonus for lateral hires. Contact us for more information!
Learn More
The Pullman Police Department encourages prospective applicants to ride-along with us, for an up-close look at what our officers do, day in and day out. 

Citizen Ride Application

To learn more, please contact Administrative Sergeant Greg Umbright: 509-334-0802.
Our City
A city of over 33,000 people, Pullman is nestled in the rolling hills of the Palouse in eastern Washington State. Pullman is home to Washington State University - a world leader in research - and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories - a world leader in power grid system innovation. Pullman has been growing at a steady pace for over a decade and is projected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  We frequently rank among the top ten safest small towns and college towns in the country. Come experience our close-knit community and you’ll quickly learn why every former Pullmanite yearns to come back home.
The Pullman School District is our award-winning public school system consistently ranked among the best in the country. Courtesy of WSU and SEL’s international reach for talented academics and engineers, the district is culturally diverse - over sixty languages are spoken among just 2,900 students. Four schools - Kamiak Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, and Pullman High School have been built or remodeled in the last 15 years. Pullman High School offers college-credit opportunities through its AP courses and through its partnership with Washington State University with the Running Start program.
Pullman is a unique small town offering many big-city amenities through Washington State University. Popular musicians, entertainers, art museums, PAC-12 sporting events, a championship-grade golf course at Palouse Ridge, and more are easily accessible. Typical commute times to and from work range from less than five to fifteen minutes.

Community Events:

Sunnyside, our largest park, hosts over ten-thousand people for the biggest 4th of July firework show in the region. Reaney Park hosts the National Lentil Festival - an homage to the best legume - annually in August. Our sister-city eight miles away in Idaho, Moscow, hosts numerous events of their own throughout the year. Both Pullman and Moscow host vibrant farmers markets from late spring to early fall.


Pullman offers its own extensive paved trail system - the Bill ChipmanTrail - and boasts over thirty city parks. Two city pools provide relief from the summertime heat and one is available year-round. Pullman’s Parks and Recreation Department has a plentiful offering of youth and adult sports leagues throughout the year.

Within a 45 minute drive, numerous opportunities await: a challenging mountain bike trail system on Moscow Mountain, boating on the Snake River, hiking Kamiak Butte, even a beach - The Dunes at Illia Landing.

Within a few hours of driving, residents can ATV, snowmobile, access seven alpine ski resorts, backpack, camp, fish, hunt, and more.
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