Public Records

Public Records Request PortalTo submit a public records request, please follow this link to our GovQA Portal

City of Pullman Public Records Fee Schedule
Public Records
Police Reports
Please submit requests for Pullman PD case reports via the online portal below, in person, or by mail. The Pullman Police Department is located at 260 SE Kamiaken Street. If you need assistance, or if you have questions about submitting a request, please call 509-334-0802.
Criminal History
Criminal history conviction records are available from the Washington State Patrol Records Section.
Police Clearance Letters
The Pullman Police Department can prepare a "police clearance letter" if you have never been arrested by our local agency. This letter costs $10, or $20 for a notarized original.

Clearance Letter Form
Personal Record Inspection
If you were arrested by and/or received a criminal citation from the Pullman Police Department, you may request to review your personal record. Simply call the Records Department at 509-334-0802 to set up an appointment. 

Inspection of a personal record is free of charge. However, this is an inspection only. you will be able to review your record, but will not have access to entire case files, nor receive copies of your record. If, after review, you would like copies of your record and/or any affiliated case reports, you will need to submit a public records request for those records.

If you were arrested by and/or received a criminal citation by another law enforcement agency, including the WSU Police Department, you cannot review those records at the Pullman Police Department. To review these records, you will need to contact the agency that maintains those records.
Collision Reports
Collision reports may be obtained through the Washington State Patrol Records Section or LexisNexis BuyCrash.
Departmental Statistics
If you are looking for statistical information, please begin by referring to the News & Statistics page. If you do not find what you are looking for, you may request additional statistical information by submitting a public records request via the online portal below. Please be as specific as possible to ensure that we are able to identify and provide the data that you are looking for.
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