Airport Service

Flying into or from the Pullman‑Moscow Regional Airport?
With this pilot project from Pullman Transit, now you can take a bus between Pullman and the airport. Effective May 22, 2024.
Please note: we will also provide bus service for the 11:55 PM arrival on May 21. That bus will depart the airport at 12:25 AM on May 22. However, other flights on May 21 will not be serviced

A map of the route starting at Birch and Barley and ending at the airport.

This route will service all daily departures. Please check often for complete schedules. The route will start opposite Birch & Barley 140 minutes prior to the scheduled airline departure. The route takes 50 minutes to complete and will drop-off passengers at the airport an hour and a half prior to the scheduled airline departure.
Bus stops times for the route providing service to the airport for plane departures.
Come back to this page often to get up-to-date information. Details about flights to Boise will be published here three weeks before they start.

A map showing the route from the airport to the city.

This route will service all daily arrivals. The bus will depart the terminal 30 minutes after the scheduled airline arrival, and takes 50 minutes to complete.
Table showing the bus departure from airport relative to two plane arrivals, at 12:43 PM or 11:55 PM

Come back to this page often to get up-to-date information. Details about flights from Boise will be published here three weeks before they start.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to make a reservation to use the airport service?
Reservations are NOT required.
Will this bus run all day long?

No. It will run only to service each plane arrival and departure at the airport. Schedules will vary based on the airline.

How much is the fare?

This service operates under the same fare structure as all other routes. Currently, this is $1 per one-way ride. Please have the exact fare, because drivers do not carry cash. Transit tokens and bus passes are also accepted. No credit/debit cards are accepted at this time.

Which flights are being serviced?

All scheduled flights on all days, except flights on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Can I accompany someone flying out and take the bus back to town?

No. The bus is either returning empty to the office or is scheduled to start another route.

Can I flag down the bus?
This route is dedicated airport service. Buses traveling on this route will only stop at the designated bus stops shown on the map. In order to provide a timelier service, the bus will bypass other bus stops that are used for other regular Pullman Transit routes. Please do not attempt to flag down the driver at bus stops that are not designated for the airport service.
Which terminal is used for drop-off and pick-up?
As of May 22, 2024, the new terminal will be in service. For the first few weeks, the route from the airport to town will make a quick stop to the old terminal, as needed. Passengers who parked their vehicles in the old terminal parking lot before May 22, 2024, will be able to take our bus from the new terminal to the old terminal in order to get to their vehicles.
How far ahead are the bus timetables scheduled on this webpage?
We keep constant communication with the airline in order to provide proper information at least three weeks in advance. Our schedules will be adjusted as needed to match those published by the airline.
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