The administration department includes the office of the mayor, the city administrator, and the city attorney.

In 1971, Pullman became a non-chartered code city under the Mayor-Council form of government.

The city has an elected mayor with an elected seven-member council and an appointed administrative officer--the city administrator. The mayor and one of the seven councilmembers are elected at-large, with two councilmembers elected from each of the city's three wards. 

The mayor is the chief executive and administrative officer of the city, with the power to appoint the city administrator who serves under the mayor's direction. The position of mayor is part-time.

The city administrator, under the mayor's direction, oversees all city daily operations, implements city policy direction established by the mayor and city council, and manages daily operations of the city to ensure that city services are provided effectively and efficiently. The city administrator serves as chief advisor to the mayor and city council, makes reports and recommendations to the city council and ensures that city policies are implemented.

The city attorney provides legal counsel to city government officials, departments, commissions, and boards. The city attorney also prepares legal documents, ordinances and resolutions pertaining to city government business.

City Mission

To provide the highest quality of life through essential infrastructure, public safety, recreation, and welcoming growth within the constraints of fiscally responsible government.

City Vision

To continue to be a welcoming, active, visionary community that values its college town atmosphere, high technology research and industries and that fosters quality of life for all age groups, a business friendly environment, and fiscal integrity in its government.

City Motto

HIGH Tech, HIGHER Education, HIGHEST Quality of Life

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