National Engineers Week

Please join us at the City of Pullman as we recognize National Engineers Week, February 18 – 24, 2024.

Engineers Week is a time to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world. The 2024 theme, Welcome to the Future! Is about celebrating today’s achievements and paving the way for a brighter and more diverse future in engineering. The city employs multiple engineers, and many that work in the engineering field, as well as engineers by trade that fill other roles within the organization.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the work engineers do as we highlight a few of our awesome staff members this week. Thank you to all of the city engineers, by title, trade, or support to the department, your hard work and dedication are seen and appreciated!

Meet some of the engineers!

Ruth - Copy
Ruth Younce, a dedicated Civil Engineer, P.E., has contributed significantly to the City of Pullman over a span of 21 years, balancing her career with family life and a passion for community involvement. Her journey in engineering, punctuated by a love for physics, math, and practical construction, reflects her commitment to creating impactful infrastructure. Ruth’s favorite project, the Welcome Wayside, showcases her ability to blend artistic vision with historical awareness and community collaboration, celebrating the diverse cultural fabric of Pullman. She foresees a future in engineering that prioritizes environmental sustainability and resilient designs. As a woman in STEM, Ruth appreciates Pullman's progressive stance and the supportive community that values contributions from individuals of all backgrounds, highlighting the region's unique perspective on gender roles in the workforce. Her story is a testament to the evolving nature of engineering and the inclusive spirit of Pullman.

Morgan Porter - Copy
Morgan Porter, E.I.T., has been making impactful contributions as a Civil Engineer with the City of Pullman for 2.3 years, bringing a total of 5.5 years of experience in the engineering field. Inspired by her engineer parents and a switch from neuroscience to a passion for physics, Morgan has embraced the dynamic and diverse challenges of civil engineering. She finds joy in the entire process of engineering projects, from conception to completion, and takes pride in showcasing her work to friends and family, with the design and installation of the Mary’s Park parking lot and bathroom standing out as her favorite project. Morgan envisions a future where engineering increasingly addresses societal needs with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. She encourages those interested in math or science to explore the various engineering disciplines, highlighting the ongoing need for critical thinkers to address global challenges.

Sean Wells - Copy
Sean R. Wells, P.E., the Public Works Director for the City of Pullman since May 2023, brings a wealth of experience with 34 years in the engineering field, beginning his journey as a summer intern at the City of Yakima Engineering Division in 1990. Inspired by a high school drafting class, Wells developed a passion for drafting, mapping, and the broader possibilities within engineering, leading to a career marked by significant contributions to municipal engineering, including the historical mapping and forensic analysis of underground systems. His favorite project involved an extensive coordination for the Issaquah Highlands water main installation, showcasing his ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and contribute to impactful construction projects. Wells envisions a future where engineering emphasizes the transfer of institutional knowledge and the adaptation of standards and codes to meet evolving societal needs. His career, characterized by continuous learning and a dedication to improving public works, underscores his commitment to the engineering profession and the communities he serves.

Edward Ranck-Copher - Copy
Edward Ranck-Copher, PLS, City Surveyor for the City of Pullman, brings over 35 years of experience in the surveying field, with an 8-year tenure in Pullman. His career choice was inspired by a high school vocational test that highlighted his affinity for working outdoors, history, math, and problem-solving, leading him to choose surveying over being a park ranger. Edward relishes the daily challenges and diversity of his work, from navigating different environments and weather conditions to delving into historic documents. Among his favorite experiences are the cadastral projects for the DNR/Forest Service, which involved hiking up mountains to reach work sites, as well as aiding with complex property issues for the public and city staff. He expresses concern over the aging professional surveyor population and the lack of awareness among young people about the profession's existence and importance. Edward emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between engineers and surveyors, a partnership as ancient and essential as the professions themselves, underscoring the critical role surveyors play in ensuring the precision and correctness of our engineered world.

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