City of Pullman Launches Redesigned Website

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Please visit online using the same URL:

PULLMAN, WA—The City of Pullman’s redesigned website officially launched on November 27, 2023. The improved municipal website was designed to provide users with an upgraded mobile and digital experience, especially regarding speed and accessibility.

The web address of remains the same. Please visit and take a peek around to see what's new! All of the main web pages that community members are used to accessing are still available, simply redesigned and reorganized for a more user-friendly experience. Please be sure to set up new bookmarks for pages visited most frequently. If any issues occur while loading the new website, all visitors need to do is clear their cache and cookies.

Pullman Mayor, Glenn A. Johnson, shared, “All of us—mayor, council, and staff—have been looking forward to this new site that is faster and more responsive to those who are seeking information about our city,” Mayor Glenn A. Johnson said.  “It’s really going to improve how people interact with the city and it reflects our goal of making the city more accessible.”

With a more user-friendly interface and several new features, the new website streamlines access to vital city services, information, and resources. Several key improvements include:

•    Alerts can be posted right on the home page; this is an excellent resource for residents to be aware of in case of an emergency
•    Increased Accessibility utilizing many tools, such as the option to translate page languages, adjust contrast, text spacing and size, cursor appearance, and more
•    Faster Loading Speeds 
•    Enhanced Mobile Responsiveness 
•    Improved Aesthetics
   Easy-to-Use Interface
•    Intuitive Navigation ensuring users can quickly and efficiently find the information they need when they need it

City Staff understands users may need some extra help locating their desired departments and pages. If residents need assistance, please give us a call at 509-334-4555 or email for assistance. Additionally, as part of the City Council’s 2022-2023 goals and priorities was to harmonize the website and enhance communication, any feedback users have on the new website is welcome; please reach out via email to

To experience the new website, please visit


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