Motion Passed to Modify Project Downtown Pullman Scope & Repost Immediately

PULLMAN, WA—At the Pullman City Council meeting on December 12, 2023, a motion passed 6-0 directing City staff to modify the Downtown Pullman Project scope and repost a request for bids. This modification includes extending both the project timeline and potential closure of Main Street to run from April 1 to October 15, 2024. The motion additionally reduces the liquidated damages amount by half as well as increases incentives for early completion. Finally, the restrictions on front door Main Street business closures will increase from a total of three to a total of seven days maximum.

City of Pullman Public Works Director, Sean Wells, commented, “After no bids were received, staff reached out to several contractors that were anticipated to submit bids. We asked many questions, specifically about what they saw in the project plans and specifications that caused them to not bid. From those conversations, we put together a list of common themes. With assistance from the City Attorney, we also looked at options with regard to state law and public bidding requirements and briefed City Council.”

The project will be reposted for bid immediately. Contractor’s bids are scheduled to be opened on January 18, 2024 at 10 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 190 SE Crestview Street, Building A. Any interested member of the public is welcome to attend the bid opening.

Project Downtown Pullman involves enhancements to Main Street, spanning from Spring Street to Grand Avenue. The comprehensive project consists of upgrading utilities, reconstruction of streets and sidewalks, signal work, and landscaping. Throughout construction, alternative pedestrian routes will maintain customer access to businesses. Ultimately, this project seeks to revitalize downtown, transforming it into a more community-oriented space while prioritizing accessibility.

City Council meetings are open to the public and held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. Residents are always welcome to contact elected officials directly, anytime, by emailing


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